"Blue Cat" is painted on cotton watercolor paper with acrylic.

I have been making both abstract and figurative paintings, although quite a number of them have a historical origin, this work called "Blue Cat" is an abstract work with its origin in today, while dealing with the Covid crisis. The underlying layer is roughly applied, layers of blue color and a few strokes of red and orange were added and subsequently scraped, rubbed, or treated with alcohol splatter using the anger I was feeling at the time. Subsequently I applied a few layers of transparent light blue and zinc white, using a negative technique, recreating, out of the chaos, a tranquil environment for myself resulting in a vase of flowers and a cat sleeping. We all need to find a way to keep our sanity. 
The painting is executed on 300gsm NOT Fabriano Watercolor Paper, with a layer of gesso.


Blue Cat

  • Acrylic on cold pressed watercolour paper (300gsm). Comes framed

© 2019 - Antoon Knaap, Maynooth, Ireland


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