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tufted rugs in progress

If you are interested in obtaining a bespoke painting or tufted (wall) rug, this page will provide you with more detail on the process I follow.

My Process for Commissions

Bespoke Art Process

1) Following your initial request, I will contact you to discuss your requirements, including items like; size, colour scheme, materials to be used, design, final location of artwork, etc  

2) I will produce 1 or 2 proposals, with sketches of my interpretation of your requirements, and a cost and time estimate, including the method and cost of final delivery.

3) On acceptance of the proposal, you will need to pay 50% of the cost, on receipt of which I will create the bespoke piece, visually documenting the creation process as I go along and keeping you informed on progress and any issues that may arise.

4) On completion delivery will take place and on acceptance you will pay the remaining 50%

Approximate Cost Tufted Art

The total cost of a tufted rug depends on a number of factors:

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Complexity of design

These factors basically drive the time spend and amount of materials to be used.​

The following table gives you an indication of the expected cost of the piece. First column is size, second column price range (simple design-complex design)


50cm by 50cm     €150   - €200

70cm by 70cm     €300   - €400

90cm by 90cm     €500   - €650

110cm by 110cm  €750   - €1000

130cm by 130cm  €1000 - €1400

150cm by 150cm  €1400 - €1900

If you’d like more information about my process, or like to start a bespoke project with me, get in touch today.

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