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Born in 1960's Amsterdam, I grew up in tumultuous times. The cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s made Amsterdam the magical centre of Europe. Despite the tensions accompanying a Revolution, I did enjoy growing up there.

Following a career in finance, I moved to Ireland early 1990's where I started my own business and became an avid woodworker. During the economic crisis we moved to Spain where, helped by the sun, I developed myself as an "artisan crafter and painter". End 2014 we returned to Ireland. Guess the rain is more appealing than the sun....

Although I love to experiment, I work predominantly on canvas with acrylics, I like its forgiving nature and the wide range of application. In recent years I alternate periods of realistic paintings, driven by my interest in Irish history, with more abstract work, resulting from my fascination with Mathematics and Science, especially circles seem to be recurring in my work.

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